written by
Phill Duffy

Data, I see you. Do you?

1 min read , February 13, 2019

Storism is building a way to understand the connections in and out of your data, where opportunities lie, and risks hide.

We love data
We love data, really.

The world is changing; where there used to be monolithic systems which did everything from creating, storing and presenting content, locked away in their proprietary data stores, there are now specialised tools which can provide precisely the experience you want for your developers, and internal and external users. You don't need to have the dreaded 'vendor lock-in' - you should evolve as and when you need, at your own pace, in line with your own Business Plan and Roadmap.

If your marketeers want SEO tips when they type there is a tool for that. If you wish for your finance and legal teams to use the applications most suited to them, then let them. Don't be afraid to re-evaluate and reduce cost by always using the right tools. Insight into your Data Models allows you to confidently adapt to new opportunities.

Be platform agnostic, system agnostic and be data agnostic.

The challenge is to keep your data free, to be created and consumed for any new and novel ways. Once you understand which system is generating data, and which channels are consuming it, then you can identify opportunities to become more efficient, new opportunities to turn your data into products and understand any risk of change.

Imagine being able to identify where Machine Learning (ML) or Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools could boost your productivity or being able to quickly create a Bot or Voice Assistant that utilises your data quickly and efficiently to give you a competitive edge.